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Some Enchanting Story has been turned into a static archive for now. Blogging was one of my earliest and most memorable experiences in the online world; however, times have changed and I no longer have the drive and enthusiasm to make posts other people may or may not want to read. (not to mention being overrun by insane amounts of spam comments!) ^^;; It's been a great four years though, and the archives might as well stay up for record's sake.

I've settled down at Mirror of Mists for more fandom/website/political/Real Life™ oriented ramblings. Specific site updates are at Wave of the future, yo!

Here be the dusty archives of Some Enchanting Story through its various names, forms and premature deaths. Due to multiple moves, server crashes and general lack of foresight, these archives contain many many holes (which is depressing because they're supposed to be a record for my terrible memory!). However, I've scavenged all I could ^_^;; Please note that due to the dynamic nature of the net, many of the images and links may be broken now.

Be warned that the Very Old Entries (2001 to mid 2002) contain generous doses of hyper-genki smilie faces, exclamation marks, and ANGST IN CAPS. They're more for sentimental value than anything else. Er, really. *plays the Time Warp*

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